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Cavity Filter

, Duplexer, Diplexer & Multiplexer
RTx technology

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cavity filter 300MHZ
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Cavity filter 300MHZ cavity filter cavity filter fourplexer

Cavity Filter, Duplexer, Diplexer & Multiplexer


RTx Technology is a outstanding manufacturer of filters that cover the frequency range from 10MHz to 100GHz and in case of cavity filters, it is available in the frequency range of 100MHz to 15GHz. Our cavity items have low insertion loss, excellenttemperature stability and high power capability. In addition, it is possible to make multiplexers from 3 to 11 bands and it can offer excellent characteristics. We have several designs that meet various customer requests as well as custom designs to fit the needs of point to point & multipoint radio market.


  • Low Insertion Loss(0.2~2.0dB)
  • Excellent Temp. Stability(-40~+85)
  • High Power Capability (2KW max.)
  • Multiband is available (3 to 11 band Multiplexer)
  • Custom Design(100MHz ~ 15GHz)


  • TRS, GSM, Cellular, DCS, PCS, UMTS
  • WiMAX, LTE System
  • Broadcasting, Satellite System
  • Point to Point & Multipoint

Part Numbering

CF of CD or C**D *** B*** L*** A*** S or N
1) Cavity Filter
Cavity Duplexer
2) Center Frequency 3) BandWidth 4) I.L 5) Attenuation 6) Connector Type